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Grammar - Level C Test 27

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Is it worth waiting for a table at this restaurant or shall we go ________ else?

A. anywhere
B. otherwise
C. somewhere
D. everywhere

2. Fitting together the thousands of fragments of the broken vase was a long and ________ task.

A. minute
B. careful
C. painstaking
D. minuscule

3. Marjorie was ________ better than her sister at tennis.

A. yards
B. feet
C. miles
D. inches

4. There's ________ to be frightened of the dog; he's quite harmless.

A. a fear
B. no fear
C. no need
D. any reason

5. It is impossible to prevent them ________ quarrelling with each other.

A. from
B. to
C. of
D. in

6. ________ Patrick, he can't possibly go alone - he's far too young.

A. As for
B. As if
C. As
D. As far as

7. When she heard that her son had crossed the road without looking, she told him he ________ do it again.

A. needn't
B. didn't need to
C. mustn't
D. didn't have to

8. Do you believe ________ all that nonsense?

A. on
B. in
C. to
D. at

9. He was sent to prison for ________ a bank.

A. borrowing
B. lending
C. robbing
D. stealing

10. I hadn't see George for years, but when I saw him in the street, I ________ him at once.

A. reminded
B. realized
C. remarked
D. remembered

11. Take the number 7 bus and get ________ at Forest Road.

A. up
B. down
C. outside
D. off

12. The poetry of Mallarme, like the poetry od most of the symbolists, is not clear and easily accessible but rather vague and ________.

A. opaque
B. redundant
C. lucid
D. straightforward

13. The bank manager ________ me to open a deposit account as soon as possible.

A. warned
B. advised
C. suggested
D. approved

14. Could you ________ me to take back those library books tomorrow?

A. memorize
B. remember
C. remind
D. recall

15. As soon as you ________ to the station, you'll meet Dick who is waiting for you at the entrance door.

A. will
B. have got
C. get
D. gets

16. When he retired from his job the directors ________ him with a clock.

A. offered
B. pleased
C. satisfied
D. presented

17. While the builders were repairing the roof they ________ the bathroom window.

A. break
B. broke
C. have broken
D. was broken

18. He often forgets to do what he has been told and is scolded for being ________.

A. disobedient
B. rebellious
C. impertinent
D. malicious

19. I expect you to use your ability ________, and then write a report about what you did.

A. in full bloom
B. in full
C. to the full
D. in full swing

20. This ________ invention of yours should make you rich.

A. genial
B. talented
C. genius
D. ingenious