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Grammar - Level C Test 21

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. What do you mean, he's watching television? He's ________ to be washing the car.

A. supposed
B. hoped
C. expected
D. thought

2. If you had gone there last year, you ________ my brother.

A. would have met
B. would meet
C. had met
D. met

3. Just keep ________ on the baby while I cook the supper, will you?

A. a look
B. a glance
C. an eye
D. a care

4. The guide walked so ________ that most of the party could not keep up with him.

A. fast
B. quick
C. rapid
D. lively

5. That fellow has a dishonest ________ in his character.

A. stripe
B. streak
C. stroke
D. strip

6. The competitors in the car rally had to follow the ________ laid down by the organisers.

A. address
B. direct
C. progress
D. route

7. It's an awful ________ your wife couldn't come. I was looking forward to meeting her.

A. harm
B. sorrow
C. shame
D. shock

8. Several of the explorers did not survive the terrible ________ across the desert.

A. excursion
B. journey
C. step
D. travel

9. I absolutely ________ with everything that has been said.

A. agree
B. accept
C. admit
D. approve

10. I can't find my handbag anywhere; it has simply ________.

A. lost
B. vanished
C. missed
D. fallen

11. It's difficult to see through the windscreen - I can't even make ________ where the road is.

A. up
B. out
C. into
D. over

12. The boy looks like his father and the girl takes ________ her mother.

A. over
B. for
C. after
D. off

13. I have lived near the railway for so long now that I've grown ________ to the noise of the trains.

A. accustomed
B. familiar
C. unconscious
D. aware

14. I appealed ________ him for help.

A. to
B. for
C. by
D. with

15. When she was crossing the room the night-nurse happened to notice the old lady ________ to get out of bed.

A. has tried
B. to try
C. trying
D. tried

16. The management received a lot of ________ about the poor service in their hotel.

A. complaints
B. information
C. warnings
D. advice

17. The pictures is ________; the thief will be most disappointed when he tries to sell it!

A. priceless
B. invalid
C. unprofitable
D. worthless

18. They got the bill three weeks ago, but they ________ haven't paid it.

A. even
B. yet
C. already
D. still

19. The witness told the court that he ________ the accused before.

A. had never seen
B. hasn't seen
C. had ever seen
D. didn't see

20. I don't know where he lives now; he left this area many years ________.

A. before
B. for
C. away
D. ago