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Grammar - Level C Test 20

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. In some countries, there is a terrible ________ of food.

A. shortness
B. shortage
C. demand
D. need

2. a wild goose chase = ________.

A. a very pleasant experience
B. a wild night on the town
C. a dangerous race in the streets between cars trying to
D. a search for something that cannot be found

3. There was a small room into ________ we all crowded.

A. which
B. where
C. that
D. it

4. It's difficult to tell the twins apart because the look exactly the ________.

A. alike
B. similar
C. identical
D. same

5. Now that my dad is retired, he enjoys ________ more time with his grandchildren.

A. to take
B. taking
C. spending
D. to spend

6. I took ________ tennis again at the beginning of this year.

A. on
B. with
C. by
D. up

7. He is a very ________ player. He practises for two hours every morning.

A. amateur
B. keen
C. excited
D. impatient

8. The two trains collided with ________ loud a crash it woke everyone in the station hotel.

A. so
B. very
C. as
D. such

9. It's a good idea to see your doctor regularly for ________.

A. a revision
B. a control
C. an investigation
D. a check-up

10. ________ the evening Dick and Mark will meet again.

A. on
B. about
C. at
D. in

11. He has been waiting for this letter for days, and at ________ it has come.

A. last
B. the end
C. present
D. the finish

12. Never before ________ seen such an enormous wedding cake.

A. I had
B. I have
C. had I
D. I'd

13. Jazz is an American art form which is now ________ in Europe through the determined efforts of ________ in France, Scandinavia, and Germany.

A. foundering...governments
B. diminishing...musicians
C. waning...novices
D. flourishing...expatriates

14. Children have to stay ________ school until they are 15.

A. with
B. on
C. to
D. at

15. He says he's sorry ________ what he did, so you need not get angry with him.

A. of
B. from
C. for
D. on

16. Workers who do not obey the safety regulations will be ________ immediately.

A. refused
B. rejected
C. disapproved
D. dismissed

17. In her ________ she was a famous tennis player.

A. day
B. year
C. age
D. hour

18. ________, after trying three times, he passed the examination.

A. Lastly
B. Last of all
C. Last
D. At last

19. He was ________ of understanding anything which involved numbers.

A. unable
B. useless
C. impossible
D. incapable

20. My parents moved to California when I was 8. I really didn't want us to move there, but I was a child, I had ________.

A. no say in the matter
B. no say on the matter
C. no say about the matter
D. no say in matter