Grammar - Level C Test 19

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I had to get up early, ________ I'd have missed the train.

A. otherwise
B. if not
C. but
D. so that

2. I knocked ________ the door.

A. on
B. at
C. for
D. to

3. Mr and Mrs Black were delighted when they ________ to sell their house so quickly.

A. succeeded
B. could
C. risked
D. managed

4. Everyone felt ________ for Mr Atkins when he lost his job at the factory.

A. discontent
B. sad
C. sorry
D. unhappy

5. If you want to attend a course, you should study the college ________ for full particulars of enrolment.

A. prospect
B. prospects
C. prospectus
D. syllabus

6. Although they have travelled extensively, they have never been ________.

A. to the antipodes
B. to antipodes
C. to Antipodes
D. at antipodes

7. You'll ________ yourself a lot of time if you take the car.

A. spend
B. make
C. save
D. spare

8. He hit the vase with his elbow and it ________ to the floor.

A. crashed
B. smashed
C. broke
D. knocked

9. Are you saying you want me to work all weekend? You ________ be serious.

A. mustn't
B. can't
C. might not
D. shouldn't

10. We live in a friendly community and everyone ________ each other very well.

A. gets up to
B. gets out of
C. gets on with
D. gets down to

11. She did all the work ________ her own.

A. by
B. on
C. for
D. with

12. I'd be very ________ to go to Japan one day.

A. interested
B. enjoyable
C. fond
D. hopeful

13. I've looked ________ it everywhere, but I can't find it.

A. at
B. for
C. on
D. to

14. Everyone in the village ________ about the plans for the new road.

A. took care
B. was concerned
C. had concerned
D. contacted

15. I had to be up early the next morning, so I ________ myself and left the party.

A. refused
B. thanked
C. excused
D. apologized

16. It was very kind ________ him.

A. from
B. in
C. of
D. at

17. He persisted ________ asking questions.

A. of
B. with
C. on
D. in

18. All people experience good as well as bad things ________.

A. in life
B. in lives
C. in lifes
D. in lifetime

19. There was a sudden loud ________ which made everyone jump.

A. bang
B. strike
C. split
D. stroke

20. I can assure you ________ my support.

A. on
B. of
C. from
D. at