Grammar - Level C Test 18

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. What ________ for the last two weeks?

A. were you doing
B. have you been doing
C. did you do
D. are you doing

2. She ________ to take her neighbour to court if he didn't stop making so much noise.

A. promised
B. threatened
C. offered
D. suggested

3. Many fires could be ________ if new regulations were introduced.

A. prevented
B. preserved
C. protected
D. excluded

4. Too much exercise can be harmful but walking is good ________ you.

A. for
B. by
C. to
D. with

5. I think he is unwell; he was complaining ________ a headache this morning.

A. at
B. of
C. from
D. against

6. Buses into town run ________ twenty minutes or so.

A. each
B. all
C. some
D. every

7. Of course I'll play the piano at the party but I'm a little ________.

A. out of use
B. out of reach
C. out of turn
D. out of practice

8. He put a ________ against the tree and climbed up to pick the apples.

A. scale
B. staircase
C. grade
D. ladder

9. After her husband's death, Ruby kept the business ________ for as long as possible.

A. go
B. to go
C. to going
D. going

10. Wild ducks always fly in a definite ________.

A. figure
B. formula
C. shape
D. formation

11. The sky is ________ so I don't think it will rain.

A. clean
B. clear
C. cloudy
D. open

12. It is obvious to everyone that he is not responsible ________ this mistake.

A. for
B. of
C. on
D. about

13. The product has been a great success. We're doing a roaring ________ in it.

A. deal
B. ship
C. trade
D. bargain

14. Many people escaped ________ prison camps during the last war.

A. of
B. off
C. from
D. in

15. Although the comedian was very clever, many of his remarks were ________ and ________ lawsuits against him for slander.

A. derogatory...resulted in
B. pithy...came upon
C. protracted...forestalled
D. depraved...assuaged

16. I will ask him to give me my record back when I ________ him.

A. will see
B. see
C. saw
D. have seen

17. My employer's ________ of my work does not matter to me at all.

A. meaning
B. belief
C. opinion
D. expression

18. They were really ________ about my idea of joining them in London.

A. enthusiastic
B. keen
C. interested
D. willing

19. Tim was forced to leave his job but he got a very generous golden ________.

A. cats
B. flier
C. handshake
D. fish

20. David always ________ over to my house after he had done his homework.

A. came
B. went
C. gone
D. passed