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Grammar - Level C Test 17

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. His application for a visa was turned ________ by the consulate.

A. aside
B. down
C. out
D. over

2. As he is an expert on pottery, his opinions would be worth ________.

A. to have
B. having
C. of having
D. to have had

3. The shop assistant was ________ helpful, but she felt he could have given her more advice.

A. entirely
B. exactly
C. quite
D. totally

4. I ________ do that if I were you.

A. won't
B. wouldn't
C. shan't
D. don't

5. This is the ________ church in the city.

A. elder
B. elderly
C. oldest
D. older

6. My aunt ________ a brightly-coloured thread round her finger so as not to forget her appointment.

A. wound
B. curved
C. wounded
D. rang

7. If I saw Mark, I ________ him to a party.

A. invite
B. will invite
C. would invite
D. have invited

8. I like England, but I wish it ________ rain quite so much.

A. didn't
B. won't
C. hadn't
D. hasn't

9. The bank manager agreed to give me 200$, ________ the 500$ he had already lent me.

A. extra to
B. according to
C. in addition to
D. surplus to

10. Are you aware ________ the difficulties that lie ahead of you?

A. of
B. by
C. about
D. on

11. When I saw Bill's reaction, I bitterly regretted ________ told him.

A. to have
B. have
C. having
D. to having

12. Your progress will be ________ in six months' time.

A. counted
B. evaluated
C. valued
D. enumerated

13. I'm afraid he didn't enjoy ________ at his aunt's house.

A. staying
B. to stay
C. stays
D. stayed

14. ________ of all of us who are here tonight, I would like to thank Mr Jones for his talk.

A. On behalf
B. On account
C. In person
D. Instead

15. He ________ the office when I arrived.

A. was leaving
B. has left
C. should leave
D. leaves

16. Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have ________ in the last six months.

A. grown up
B. gone up
C. jumped up
D. sprung up

17. Oh no! When I was cooking these vegetables, I must have forgotten ________ any salt in.

A. to give
B. giving
C. putting
D. to put

18. Because the picture was not genuine, it was completely ________.

A. worthless
B. invaluable
C. priceless
D. valuable

19. The purpose of the examination was to ________ the students' knowledge of the subject.

A. try
B. inspect
C. prove
D. test

20. The civil servant ________ his post because he disagreed with the Minister.

A. gave in
B. gave out
C. gave off
D. gave up