Grammar - Level C Test 16

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. You're ________ your time trying to persuade him; he'll never help you.

A. wasting
B. spending
C. losing
D. missing

2. The hall was very crowded with over fifty people ________ into it.

A. pushed
B. packed
C. stuck
D. stuffed

3. We must get there ________ or other. If there are no buses, we'll have to take a taxi.

A. anyhow
B. anyway
C. anywhere
D. somehow

4. It was terrible. One passenger was killed, and the other was ________ injured.

A. hardly
B. completely
C. severely
D. unusually

5. Will you have ________ to tell her the truth?

A. the nerves
B. the nerve
C. some nerves
D. some nerve

6. Many people are camping for the ________ of whale hunting.

A. annihilation
B. extiction
C. abolition
D. extermination

7. He is a little bit ________ in his left ear, but if you speak clearly he will hear what you say.

A. disabled
B. deaf
C. diseased
D. dead

8. She told Alan ________ for borrowing her guitar without permission.

A. on
B. off
C. of
D. out

9. I ________ be delighted to show you round the factory.

A. ought to
B. would
C. might
D. intend to

10. I am grateful ________ you for being so patient with him.

A. to
B. for
C. by
D. at

11. Betty saw her little brother ________ after his dog.

A. run
B. ran
C. runs
D. is running

12. The school arranges a ________ to Brighton every year.

A. rout
B. trip
C. passage
D. travel

13. It's distressing to see small children ________ in the streets.

A. pleading
B. imploring
C. entreating
D. begging

14. Trade Union officials and management met today to discuss the ________ at the factory.

A. strike
B. closing
C. block
D. shutting

15. We have agreed ________ the need for firm action.

A. on
B. for
C. in
D. at

16. The accident was your fault - you ________ have been driving so fast.

A. mustn't
B. wouldn't
C. shouldn't
D. couldn't

17. Scientists had never met this problem before: it was ________.

A. sole
B. alone
C. solitary
D. unique

18. "How can we ________ out together what we're to do if we never talk about it frankly?" she cried in desperation.

A. test
B. find
C. work
D. search

19. John was amazed when the train arrived exactly ________ time.

A. at
B. in
C. on
D. by

20. I paid a lot of money, but got very little for it. So from my point of view it wasn't a very good ________.

A. exchange
B. rate
C. value
D. deal