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Grammar - Level C Test 15

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. You had better keep a box of matches ________ in case the lights go out again.

A. handy
B. by hand
C. in touch
D. in the way

2. I do my best to practise the piano every day ________ it is difficult sometimes.

A. even
B. when
C. also
D. although

3. I want to see all of you here tomorrow morning at nine o'clock without ________.

A. fail
B. fault
C. late
D. miss

4. He put the two letters into the wrong envelopes ________ mistake.

A. on
B. by
C. with
D. in

5. I know he is slow ________ understanding, but you have to be patient with him.

A. to
B. on
C. at
D. from

6. Stick this ________ on the parcel that says 'Fragile'. Then people will see that they must handle it carefully.

A. advertisement
B. advice
C. label
D. sign

7. She'll never part ________ her precious possessions.

A. from
B. with
C. off
D. to

8. The other day I came ________ a really beautiful old house in the back streets of Birmingham.

A. across
B. over
C. by
D. down

9. He decided to ________ a party to celebrate his birthday.

A. make
B. provide
C. offer
D. give

10. A soldier has to learn to carry ________ orders as soon as they are given.

A. on
B. out
C. through
D. off

11. The judge shouted to counsel on both sides that he would ________ no argument on the issue and enjoined them to ________.

B. accept...speculation
C. brook...silence
D. entertain...tolerance

12. I can't afford a TV so we'll just have to do ________ one for the moment.

A. down
B. up
C. without
D. up with

13. He has a very ________ temper and often says things he regrets later.

A. angry
B. quick
C. warm
D. fast

14. The police ________ the kidnapper from escaping by blocking all exits.

A. prevented
B. encouraged
C. allowed
D. avoided

15. When he heard the news he went completely ________.

A. roof
B. fuse
C. spare
D. thunder

16. The firemen brought several long ________ to try to reach those trapped on the roof.

A. ladders
B. steps
C. stairs
D. staircases

17. Perhaps some other boys will come ________, too.

A. at
B. about
C. along
D. of

18. After a day of housework I am totally ________.

A. weak
B. dull
C. strained
D. exhausted

19. It's nearly two years since I last ________ to a dentist.

A. have been going
B. have gone
C. went
D. had gone

20. Come to see me at five o'clock. I ________ ready with my work by that time.

A. should have been
B. would have been
C. have been
D. had been