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Grammar - Level C Test 14

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. The decision is yours, but I'd prefer you not ________ home until you're older.

A. leave
B. to leave
C. to leaving
D. leaving

2. This hotel has ________ and you'll have to try your luck at some other hotels.

A. no rooms
B. not rooms
C. no space
D. not a space

3. Our neighbours ________ their hedge cut once a year.

A. make
B. do
C. have
D. fix

4. We'd better hurry. There's a ________ to Uncle Timothy's patience.

A. top
B. bottom
C. border
D. limit

5. There are ________ trains running today because of the go-slow.

A. fewer
B. less
C. little
D. scarcer

6. Some people think it is ________ to use long and little-known words.

A. clever
B. intentional
C. skilled
D. sensitive

7. We can only give you the ________ number of refugees crossing the border at the moment.

A. suggestive
B. nebulous
C. approximate
D. unclear

8. This house is cheap, but that one is ________.

A. cheaper even
B. cheaper yet
C. cheaper still
D. more cheaper

9. He's the perfect person to take on this difficult job. He's a really hard- ________ person and won't stand for any nonsense.

A. ship
B. nosed
C. handshake
D. bargain

10. I have to be careful which soap I use, because my skin is very ________.

A. sensible
B. senseless
C. sensational
D. sensitive

11. Heavy snowfalls have ________ all trains.

A. cancelled
B. postponed
C. delayed
D. omitted

12. One of the main advantages ________ the new PCX 232 personal computer is that it is very simple to operate.

A. for
B. by
C. of
D. on

13. I ________ seeing John tomorrow so I will give him your message.

A. shall be
B. may be
C. would be
D. could be

14. Whenever you go to the sales, you ________ your money buying things that nobody wants.

A. lose
B. miss
C. waste
D. leave

15. Her plane takes ________ at 3 p.m.

A. out
B. up
C. on
D. off

16. The film ________ several scenes that might upset young children.

A. admits
B. involves
C. contains
D. displays

17. You think that's a good idea? I'm sorry, but I don't ________ you at all.

A. agree to
B. agree with
C. disagree to
D. disagree with

18. The colours in some of the photos we took two years ago have begun to ________.

A. fail
B. faint
C. fade
D. light

19. At a dinner to mark his retirement, Neville was ________ with a silver clock.

A. provided
B. given
C. gifted
D. presented

20. You have to be rich to send a child to a private school because the fees ________.

A. astrological
B. aeronautical
C. astronomical
D. armospherical