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Grammar - Level C Test 12

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I don't like to ask people for help as a rule but I wonder if you could ________ me a favour.

A. make
B. do
C. find
D. pick

2. That boy is far ahead ________ everyone else in the class.

A. from
B. for
C. of
D. with

3. The vet decided that he had to operate ________ the cat to save its life.

A. on
B. with
C. to
D. at

4. Children and old people do not take kindly to having their daily ________ upset.

A. habit
B. method
C. routine
D. custom

5. I know he is slow at understanding, but you have to be patient ________ him.

A. for
B. with
C. to
D. about

6. I reasoned ________ him, but he would not listen to me.

A. to
B. at
C. for
D. with

7. She chose some attractive ________ paper for the Christmas present.

A. covering
B. wrapping
C. involving
D. packing

8. Would you ________ the stamps on to the envelope for me, please?

A. lick
B. suck
C. stick
D. spit

9. His first novel was much more exciting ________ any he has written since.

A. to
B. as
C. so
D. than

10. I heard him ________ to Jim about his holiday plans.

A. talks
B. talked
C. to talk
D. talk

11. It was a magnificent car which must have belonged to a very ________ person.

A. plentiful
B. wealthy
C. expensive
D. luxurious

12. High in the sky a ________ of birds was flying southward.

A. pack
B. swarm
C. flock
D. crowd

13. On holiday I ________ always on the beach when the weather is fine.

A. am
B. was
C. were
D. be

14. He says he doesn't like his new school because he feels like a ________ out of water there.

A. boat
B. duck
C. fish
D. swimmer

15. I felt a sharp ________ when I put my hand in the boiling water.

A. ache
B. harm
C. hurt
D. pain

16. I lost too much money betting at the races last time, so you won't ________ me to go again.

A. convince
B. impress
C. persuade
D. urge

17. My mother was ________ of making a cake when the front door bell rang.

A. at the centre
B. on her way
C. in the middle
D. halfway through

18. She heated the chocolate until it ________, then poured it over the cake.

A. formed
B. melted
C. changed
D. flooded

19. If only everything ________ out as we wanted it to in life!

A. works
B. worked
C. is working
D. has worked

20. ________ each school year all the children were given copies of the school rules.

A. At first
B. Immediately
C. At the beginning of
D. To start with