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Grammar - Level C Test 11

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. It was on the top shelf, out of ________.

A. achievement
B. arrival
C. attempt
D. reach

2. Buy the new ________ of soap now on sale: it is softer than others!

A. model
B. brand
C. mark
D. manufacture

3. Beware of the people who appear to be enthusiastic ________ your success.

A. of
B. with
C. about
D. of

4. Mrs Maudsley always ________ out in a crowd because she wore such large hats.

A. found
B. looked
C. stood
D. showed

5. Peter enjoys ________ but doesn't like to walk very far.

A. swimming
B. to swim
C. he swims
D. in swimming

6. The managers agreed to ________ the question of payment.

A. balance
B. control
C. discuss
D. increase

7. The production comes along well, although there were some ________ at the very beginning.

A. teething troubles
B. starting problems
C. last straws
D. nutshells

8. Beware ________ people who appear to be enthusiastic about your success.

A. from
B. at
C. by
D. of

9. There were no lifeboats on the ship because it was ________ to be unsinkable.

A. argued
B. claimed
C. believed
D. told

10. He kept the door open by putting a ________ under it.

A. triangle
B. block
C. wedge
D. wood

11. If I can't come back on time, Betty ________ her dinner alone.

A. has
B. would have
C. will have
D. will have had

12. We got to the theatre just ________ to see the first scene of the play.

A. on time
B. in time
C. at times
D. with time

13. It was a complete ________; I never meant to hurt her!

A. chance
B. error
C. accident
D. happening

14. If I had more time, I ________ some of those articles.

A. will read
B. would read
C. would have read
D. had read

15. A director ________ over all his employees.

A. is an ultimate authority
B. has ultimate authority
C. has an ultimate authority
D. is having ultimate authority

16. "The answer ________ higher employment is a greater production," the economist said.

A. for
B. to
C. with
D. of

17. A young art student acted as our ________ when we visited the National Gallery.

A. coach
B. conductor
C. guide
D. lead

18. I ________ so much last night: I feel terrible.

A. shouldn't have eaten
B. mustn't have eaten
C. needn't have eaten
D. didn't have to eat

19. The young girl carefully ________ left and right before crossing the road.

A. watched
B. glanced
C. stared
D. looked

20. "Blood-________ are urgently required," the spokesman for the hospital said.

A. suckers
B. bankers
C. donors
D. donates