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Grammar - Level C Test 10

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Many years ago in a faraway land there lived ________ wise old man.

A. the
B. one
C. a
D. some

2. Having ________ the table, Mrs Roberts called the family for supper.

A. laid
B. spread
C. ordered
D. completed

3. I was always taught that it was ________ to interrupt.

A. rude
B. coarse
C. rough
D. crude

4. to come through flying colours = ________.

A. to arrive somewhere in a state of nervousness
B. to be understood loud and clear
C. to accomplish something with great success
D. to succeed in one's first year of study

5. I chose these curtains because they are my ________ shade of red.

A. favourite
B. popular
C. fancy
D. lovable

6. As bold as ________ = cheeky, impudent.

A. bones
B. brass
C. a bear
D. a bottle

7. She walked to the ________ of the swimming pool and jumped in.

A. start
B. side
C. extent
D. border

8. Trevor has a great ________ for Capri because he spent his honeymoon there.

A. connection
B. feeling
C. affection
D. relationship

9. They can only cure him ________ his illness if they operate on him.

A. of
B. off
C. on
D. in

10. This wet weather has lasted for three weeks now; ________ rained every single day.

A. there has
B. there was
C. it has
D. it was

11. Our car ________ in the street so you can see it through the window.

A. is parked
B. had parked
C. has parked
D. will have been parked

12. I was afraid of mentioning it ________ him.

A. on
B. to
C. for
D. with

13. The sign in the cinema asks people ________ smoke.

A. to not
B. not to
C. don't
D. to stop

14. She ________ to work a little bit harder if she's going to pass the exam.

A. needs
B. must
C. had
D. should

15. With the breakdown of the latest round of talks, a strike must obviously be ________.

A. on the cards
B. on the spot
C. on the dole
D. on the way

16. The room is quite hot. The oil heater gives ________.

A. out a good heat
B. off a good heat
C. out good heat
D. off good heat

17. I can't possibly lend you any money; it is quite out of the ________.

A. order
B. question
C. practice
D. place

18. It took about twenty minutes ________ to the station.

A. for him to get
B. that he got
C. that he went
D. to him to get

19. I can't understand how your father managed to ________ that man. He had deceived all the rest of us.

A. see against
B. see through
C. see to
D. see out

20. Everyone ________ from Andrew has accepted our invitation.

A. except
B. instead
C. apart
D. away