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Grammar - Level C Test 9

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. There is no ________ in going to school if you're not willing to learn.

A. reason
B. aim
C. point
D. purpose

2. After several hours on the road they became ________ to the fact that they would never reach the hotel by nightfall.

A. dejected
B. resigned
C. depressed
D. disillusioned

3. It is rude to stare ________ people.

A. on
B. to
C. at
D. into

4. The travel agent gave me ________ useful information.

A. a
B. one
C. the
D. some

5. The new secretary in the sales department is a fast typist but her letters are full of spelling ________.

A. wrongs
B. faults
C. tricks
D. mistakes

6. I'm going to stay here ________ he phones and then I'll come and join you.

A. until
B. for
C. by
D. when

7. Italian is a splendid language ________.

A. for singing in
B. to singing in
C. to sing in
D. for sing in

8. - Mary: Would you give this note to Mr Tomlinson, please? - Ross: Sorry, I can't. He doesn't ________.

A. any more work here
B. any longer work here
C. work any more here
D. work here any longer

9. The spy surrendered himself ________ the enemy and was condemned to death.

A. to
B. in
C. with
D. for

10. Nobody ________ that aeroplane crash.

A. survived
B. recovered
C. lived
D. released

11. He was ________ after he had packed for the holidays.

A. tired off
B. tired out
C. tired down
D. worn out

12. Last summer was so hot that the ________ in the wood actually dried up.

A. pond
B. bath
C. bowl
D. flood

13. I always wear a seat-belt ________ I have an accident.

A. unless
B. if
C. in case
D. when

14. The traffic lights ________ to green, and the cars drove on.

A. exchanged
B. turned
C. removed
D. shone

15. The noise got ________ as the car disappeared into the distance.

A. smaller
B. fainter
C. weaker
D. slighter

16. While studying he depended ________ his wife for money.

A. from
B. to
C. of
D. on

17. Metal ________ at high temperatures.

A. grows
B. increases
C. enlarges
D. expands

18. This is ________ the most difficult job I have ever tackled.

A. by rights
B. by all means
C. by the way
D. by far

19. Please would you ________ me where the railway station is.

A. say
B. explain
C. tell
D. point

20. I'm afraid a rise in salary is ________ just now.

A. out of sight
B. out of control
C. out of date
D. out of the question