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Grammar - Level C Test 8

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. ________ no need to buy traveller's cheques since most countries take credit cards.

A. It's
B. There's
C. You're
D. It has

2. The shop assistant was ________ helpful, but she felt he could have given her more advice.

A. exactly
B. entirely
C. quite
D. totally

3. I'm ________ with your stupid questions.

A. fed up
B. get rid
C. through
D. fed over

4. They had a plan to trick him, but he didn't fall ________ it.

A. for
B. to
C. at
D. by

5. I ________ a nice present yesterday.

A. have been given
B. am given
C. was given
D. would give

6. Some drivers seem to expect everyone else to get ________ their way.

A. away from
B. out of
C. off
D. after

7. He's such a naughty child; it's amazing what his mother lets him ________ away with.

A. go
B. make
C. do
D. get

8. I dreamt ________ you last night.

A. of
B. off
C. on
D. in

9. He's never done any work. He lives ________ his mother.

A. on
B. from
C. at
D. in

10. I wish I could ________ smoking.

A. give away
B. give from
C. give up
D. give out

11. An overtaking driver cut ________ so suddenly that I had to brake hard to avoid a crash.

A. by
B. out
C. in
D. on

12. It will ________ be Christmas.

A. soon
B. fast
C. quick
D. next

13. The defendant's family were present at the ________.

A. court
B. appeal
C. law
D. hearing

14. I am sorry ________ having asked him.

A. with
B. for
C. of
D. at

15. She is tall and slim, but her mother is fat. She ________ her father.

A. takes after
B. takes off
C. takes down
D. looks to

16. Their aim is to ________ up a new political party.

A. strike
B. stand
C. set
D. show

17. Jones was dismissed ________ the firm.

A. of
B. off
C. from
D. in

18. Don't lean ________ that wall! You'll regret it.

A. at
B. against
C. by
D. of

19. Crops are often completely destroyed by ________ of locusts.

A. bands
B. troupes
C. swarms
D. flocks

20. The coin was too small ________ in the grass.

A. for John to see it
B. for John can see it
C. for John not to see it
D. as for John see it