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Grammar - Level C Test 7

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I refuse to comment ________ his work.

A. about
B. on
C. in
D. of

2. The army ________ defeat at the hands of its enemies.

A. suffered
B. tolerated
C. bore
D. supported

3. The shops are always ________ of people at Christmas time.

A. full
B. stuffed
C. busy
D. crowded

4. As quick as ________ = very quick (e.g. in running or seeing through a problem).

A. a snake
B. cats
C. fire
D. lightning

5. This diary will prove useful ________ you.

A. to
B. for
C. at
D. on

6. Henry ________ on complaining to the manager in person.

A. demanded
B. commanded
C. insisted
D. argued

7. ________ you open the window, please?

A. May
B. Need
C. Shall
D. Will

8. The Tabors lived a life thought to be ________ even by their contemporaries.

A. extortionate
B. exorbitant
C. extravagant
D. extraneous

9. Doctors hope that one day a cure for cancer will ________.

A. find
B. been found
C. has been found
D. be found

10. He is intent ________ passing the examination, but I'm doubtful about his chances.

A. on
B. with
C. to
D. about

11. - Do I have to make that French course? - No, you ________.

A. haven't
B. don't have
C. mustn't
D. needn't

12. - Deborah: When are they going to buy that house? - Claudia: Didn't you know? They finally decided ________.

A. not to be
B. not to
C. not
D. no

13. Little Angela hasn't ________ her shyness yet.

A. got over
B. got away from
C. got through
D. got under

14. Inflation and its upward ________ is the scourge of our days.

A. trend
B. bend
C. stream
D. move

15. Although this wine is quite cheap, it is very ________.

A. drunk
B. drinking
C. drank
D. drinkable

16. The bank will ________ you the money if you are prepared to pay them eight per cent interest on it.

A. borrow
B. lend
C. make
D. possess

17. The waiter's tip is included ________ the bill.

A. on
B. in
C. at
D. of

18. He congratulated me ________ having got engaged.

A. of
B. about
C. on
D. in

19. I'm afraid the lift is out of ________ so we'll have to walk up the stairs.

A. function
B. movement
C. order
D. practise

20. There is no reason to ________ his honesty; he is absolutely sincere.

A. search
B. doubt
C. inquire
D. ask