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Grammar - Level C Test 3

in Level C

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. She is teaching two classes and is examining at a literature exam tomorrow. ________, she is chairing a meeting at the Pen Club.

A. on the top of it
B. on top of it
C. at the top of it
D. at top

2. These old houses are going to be ________ soon.

A. laid out
B. run down
C. pulled down
D. knocked out

3. If the line is busy, don't wait and ________.

A. hang on
B. hang up
C. hang down
D. hang at

4. It's rude to interrupt when someone else is ________.

A. discussing
B. remarking
C. saying
D. talking

5. Even though he is thirty five, he lives on his mother and is completely dependent ________ her.

A. of
B. from
C. on
D. with

6. Can you possibly make ________ what he has written here?

A. for
B. up
C. out
D. up for

7. Look, Mother! Jack has ________ you some flowers.

A. brought
B. carried
C. lifted
D. present

8. Doctors usually have to study for at least seven years before becoming fully ________.

A. tested
B. qualified
C. examined
D. proved

9. He stood on one leg, ________ against the wall, while he took off his shoe.

A. stopping
B. staying
C. leaning
D. supporting

10. She's obviously going to get a top job soon. She's a real high ________.

A. cats
B. flier
C. market
D. fish

11. I'm so sorry I'm late, the car broke ________ on my way here.

A. down
B. up
C. in
D. over

12. Can you divide 30 ________ 6, please?

A. in
B. by
C. with
D. of

13. He go out of bed and took a few ________ but couldn't go any farther.

A. stages
B. starts
C. steps
D. actions

14. The brothers are so alike I cannot ________ one from the other.

A. say
B. notice
C. mark
D. tell

15. She works very hard, as she is ________ all our students' affairs.

A. in sole charge of
B. in a sole charge of
C. in the sole charge of
D. in the sole charge to

11. I'm so sorry I'm late, the car broke ________ on my way here.

A. down

16. Children remain dependent ________ their parents for a long time.

A. to
B. for
C. from
D. on

17. - Barbara: It's curious that Roy can't ski better. - Leo: I know. By the end of the month, he ________ lessons for a full month.

A. will have
B. will be having
C. has been having
D. will have been having

18. I was ________ about to ring up the office when he arrived home.

A. only
B. still
C. nearly
D. just

19. He ________ the headwaiter about the slow service.

A. complained
B. argued
C. questioned
D. disputed

20. John and Barbara ________ to get married in St Mark's church.

A. selected
B. picked
C. judged
D. decided