Grammar - Level B Test 30

in Level B

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. A few of ________ are planning to drive to Florida during spring break.

A. we girls
B. us girls
C. girls we
D. girls

2. His performance was ________; the audience was delighted.

A. unmarked
B. faultless
C. worthless
D. imperfect

3. Who ________ this window? It's so cold here.

A. is going to open
B. has opened
C. opening
D. opened

4. No educational system is perfect. Each one has its ________.

A. borders
B. limitations
C. limits
D. fence

5. He ________ for a job for some weeks but he has not found one.

A. is looking
B. looks
C. has looked
D. has been looking

6. I'd be careful in my dealings with her. I'm sure she's up to no ________.

A. pretences
B. good
C. eel
D. egg

7. The lost of a front tooth has left an unsightly ________ in her teeth.

A. slot
B. slit
C. gap
D. hole

8. After the game, the referee was interviewed ________ television.

A. at
B. on
C. in
D. to

9. Please hurry or you will be late ________ school.

A. to
B. for
C. in
D. at

10. I wouldn't believe what she says. She sounds very convincing but she's just a fast ________.

A. talker
B. eyes
C. one
D. ride

11. I'm very tired - I ________ all morning.

A. work
B. was worked
C. am working
D. have been working

12. If it ________ so late we could have coffee.

A. wasn't
B. isn't
C. weren't
D. not be

13. His parents made him ________ very hard.

A. work
B. to work
C. work to
D. be working

14. My friend ________ when the lesson started.

A. hasn't arrived
B. wasn't arrived
C. hadn't arrived
D. wasn't arriving

15. His government insisted that he ________ until he finished his degree.

A. should stay
B. shall stay
C. stayed
D. stay