Grammar - Level B Test 29

in Level B

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I am glad so many people have passed the test. In fact, there were ________ who haven't.

A. little
B. a little
C. few
D. a few

2. I am very ________ your society and should like to have more details.

A. concerned about
B. interested in
C. involved with
D. absorbed by

3. He ________ this kind of music at all.

A. doesn't like
B. likes
C. don't like
D. like

4. The assignment for Monday was to read ________ in your textbooks.

A. chapter tenth
B. the chapter ten
C. chapter the tenth
D. the tenth chapter

5. I knew him ________ I was child.

A. until
B. when
C. as
D. during

6. I couldn't understand what she was ________.

A. telling
B. speaking
C. saying
D. talking

7. I don't like iced tea, and ________.

A. she doesn't too
B. either doesn't she
C. neither does she
D. she doesn't neither

8. It was a big disappointment but I got ________ it.

A. in
B. to
C. away
D. over

9. The funeral will be ________, and only members of the dead man's family will attend.

A. peculiar
B. particular
C. private
D. alone

10. It took years of research, but ________ they found the answer.

A. at the end
B. in the end
C. last
D. lastly

11. Don't worry about trying to catch the last train home, as we can easily ________ you up for the night.

A. take
B. put
C. set
D. keep

12. Take this road and you will ________ at the hotel in five minutes.

A. arrive
B. come
C. find
D. reach

13. I wish that the weather ________ not so warm.

A. was
B. be
C. were
D. is

14. They arrived at the destination ________.

A. safe
B. safely
C. save
D. savely

15. Mary and John ________ to the parties at the Student Union every Friday.

A. used to go
B. use to go
C. are used to go
D. were used to go