Grammar - Level B Test 28

in Level B

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Last year I ________ all of my books in my office.

A. keep
B. kept
C. have kept
D. has kept

2. Please go to ________ to pick up your ID card.

A. third window
B. the window three
C. window third
D. the third window

3. Many kinds of ________ animals are disappearing or have already disappeared from the earth.

A. brave
B. wild
C. unfriendly
D. angry

4. They fooled me totally. They pulled the ________ over my eyes.

A. snake
B. eel
C. egg
D. wool

5. I always ________ to the university by bus because it is much faster.

A. have gone
B. has gone
C. went
D. go

6. My husband lived at home before we were married, and so ________.

A. did I
B. had I
C. I had
D. I did

7. It's often better to ________ safe in exams than to give an original answer.

A. act
B. perform
C. play
D. make

8. When their mother died, the children were ________ by their Aunt Mary.

A. brought in
B. brought round
C. brought to
D. brought up

9. I couldn't do question 6, so I ________ it out.

A. left
B. let
C. dropped
D. put

10. You're ________ who noticed that.

A. the single
B. the only
C. only one
D. the only one

11. Bill came to work at the University thirty years ________ today.

A. since
B. before
C. from
D. ago

12. Since your roommate is visiting her family this weekend, ________ you like to have dinner with us tonight?

A. will
B. won't
C. do
D. wouldn't

13. No matter how hard I tried, he kept on ________.

A. complaining
B. complain
C. to complain
D. complained

14. You can see a second-hand car only if it is in reasonably good ________.

A. guarantee
B. state
C. condition
D. standing

15. Are you sure Miss Smith ________ use the new equipment?

A. knows to
B. knows the
C. knows how to
D. knows how