Grammar - Level B Test 24

in Level B

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. You can join the club when you ________ a bit older.

A. will have got
B. will get
C. get
D. are getting

2. I think that you had better ________ earlier so that you can get to class on time.

A. to start to get up
B. started getting up
C. start getting up
D. to get up

3. He ________ the river yesterday.

A. cross
B. crossed
C. across
D. crossing

4. Betty walked ________ the room.

A. into
B. over
C. at
D. of

5. We found the trip to Europe ________.

A. excited
B. exciting
C. was excited
D. was exciting

6. I ________ to any of these meetings since last April.

A. have been
B. has been
C. haven't been
D. hasn't been

7. The team really looks good tonight because the coach had them ________ every night this week.

A. practise
B. to practise
C. practised
D. the practise

8. The opera premiere was attended by ________.

A. large amounts of persons
B. a vast horde of opera devotees.
C. millions of opera buffs
D. hundreds of music lovers.

9. Do you really believe ________ ghosts?

A. in
B. for
C. on
D. about

10. He took a taxi ________ he wouldn't be late.

A. less
B. unless
C. so that
D. even so

11. Ouch! I ________ my thumb!

A. have cut
B. am to cut
C. had cut
D. had been cut

12. Would you mind ________, please?

A. to answer the telephone
B. answering the telephone
C. answer the telephone
D. to the telephone answering

13. It is clearly not true - just a ________ and bull story.

A. cock
B. fishy
C. business
D. teeth

14. He is a man who won't ________ his promise.

A. destroy
B. run
C. break
D. hurt

15. They forgot about ________ them to join us for lunch.

A. us to asking
B. us asking
C. our asking
D. we asking