Grammar - Level B Test 21

in Level B

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. The lung transplant operation was ________ complicated and the doctors had to take special care to ensure its success.

A. broadly
B. immediately
C. extremely
D. slightly

2. She told him that if he ________ his promise, she ________ speak to him again.

A. break - would never
B. break - will never
C. broke - will never
D. broke - would never

3. Unfortunately ________ built up during the race, and shortly most of the summertime boats turned to and went home.

A. a snarling wind
B. a mild zephyr
C. a light breeze
D. a favorable wind

4. I made a big mistake but nobody noticed and I got ________ it.

A. away with
B. towards
C. with
D. in

5. She thanked ________ so kind.

A. us to be
B. us for being
C. that we were
D. our being

6. I enjoyed ________ her again after all this time.

A. seeing
B. see
C. to see
D. to seeing

7. The next ________ of the committee will take place on Thursday.

A. seating
B. group
C. collection
D. meeting

8. Tommy had his big brother ________ his shoes for him.

A. to tie
B. tie
C. tied
D. tying

9. Frankly, I'd rather you ________ anything about it for the time being.

A. do
B. didn't do
C. don't
D. didn't

10. I ran quickly ________ late.

A. in order to be not
B. in order not to be
C. not in order to be
D. in order to not be

11. Excuse me, but it is time to have your temperature ________.

A. taking
B. to take
C. take
D. taken

12. I apologise ________ not writing sooner.

A. of
B. -
C. to
D. for

13. Penquay is ________ a nice place that they want to live there.

A. such
B. so
C. so that
D. such as

14. They were making enough noise at the party to wake the ________.

A. people
B. population
C. dead
D. company

15. I don't believe he can ________ it properly.

A. do
B. to do
C. is doing
D. doing