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Grammar - Level B Test 10

in Level B

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I'm afraid I ________ my gloves when I was walking home.

A. lost
B. will loose
C. has lost
D. have lost

2. It is a beautiful car, but it is not ________ the price that I paid for it.

A. price
B. worthy
C. worth
D. value

3. Do you ________ my turning the television on now?

A. mind
B. disapprove
C. want
D. object

4. Kate's ________ her sister.

A. very taller than
B. very taller then
C. much taller than
D. much taller then

5. The bridge goes ________ the river.

A. at
B. on
C. for
D. over

6. Sending ________ "special delivery" costs about fifteen times as much as sending it "regular delivery".

A. mails
B. a mail
C. a piece of mail
D. pieces of a mail

7. I don't want to wait until tomorrow; I ________ go at once.

A. prefer
B. would rather
C. want
D. like

8. I am tired ________ grammar exercises.

A. to do
B. for doing
C. of doing
D. by do

9. The Director has just gone on his ________ leave. He gets four weeks' holiday a year and he is taking it all at the same time. So if you wish to see him, come back in a month's time.

A. annual
B. temporary
C. regular
D. permanent

10. John was born ________ two intelligent people.

A. to
B. of
C. with
D. from

11. He was dealt such a severe blow ________ stunned for several minutes.

A. which caused him to be
B. that he was
C. because of which he was
D. so as to make him

12. ________, please. I'll see if the manager is in.

A. Hang up
B. Hold on
C. Ring off
D. Ring up

13. At a potluck dinner, everyone who comes must ________ a dish.

A. take
B. get
C. carry
D. bring

14. The tenants were ________ not to disturb other tenants after 1p.m.

A. appealed
B. demanded
C. informed
D. requested

15. After the battle, the ________ soldiers were helped by those who could walk.

A. damaged
B. wounded
C. broken
D. killed