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Grammar - Level B Test 9

in Level B

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

 1. After the way she treated you, if I ________ in your place, I wouldn't return the call.

A. be
B. am
C. was
D. were

2. I'm afraid I've got ________ my doctor today.

A. see
B. to see
C. to see to
D. seeing

3. Too many undergraduates think it is easy to ________ a job once they leave university. Unfortunately, jobs for graduates are getting scare. Finding a suitable one is another problem.

A. obtain
B. attain
C. collect
D. apply

4. I ________ the flowers yesterday morning.

A. have been watering
B. watered
C. have watered
D. did watered

5. ________ he leaves or I leave.

A. Neither
B. Only
C. Unless
D. Either

6. I shall be working late ________ office this evening.

A. at the
B. at
C. in
D. to the

7. Alan Clarke was an interesting man but sometimes he was a bit economical with the ________.

A. cock
B. truth
C. business
D. teeth

8. I am sorry that I can't ________ your invitation.

A. take
B. accept
C. agree
D. have

9. The whole story is made up. It's nothing but a ________ of lies.

A. tissue
B. good
C. business
D. teeth

10. He thanked me for what I ________ the previous week.

A. have done
B. had done
C. did
D. was doing

11. Human beings, as distinct from ________ animals, can think for themselves.

A. another
B. other
C. others
D. the others

12. Your room is a mess! ________ it up at once!

A. Arrange
B. Make
C. Tidy
D. Do

13. Because they usually receive the same score on standardized examinations, there is often disagreement as to ________ is the better student, Bob or Helen.

A. who
B. which
C. whom
D. whose

14. I ________ as ill as I do now for a long time.

A. wasn't feeling
B. haven't been feeling
C. didn't feel
D. haven't felt

15. The examiners often ________ extremely difficult questions for the literature exam.

A. set
B. invent
C. write
D. create