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Grammar - Level B Test 6

in Level B

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I'll see you in August when I ________ back.

A. will come
B. came
C. will have com
D. come

2. The national ________ is the national song of the country.

A. music
B. melody
C. anthem
D. celebration

3. If the prisoners attempt to escape from prison ________.

A. he will catch
B. they will catch
C. they will be caught
D. the prisoners will have caught

4. It is not ________ for you to eat too much.

A. kind
B. good
C. well
D. useful

5. The reason I left is ________ I was bored.

A. why
B. that
C. while
D. for

6. Please ________ photocopies of documents.

A. not to submit
B. do not submit
C. no submit
D. not submit

7. My mother got home ________ ago.

A. a half an hour
B. an hour's half
C. half an hour
D. a half hour

8. The terms toad and frog refer to different animals belonging to different genuses, and careful students ________ the two.

A. intermingle
B. ignore
C. distinguish
D. confuse

9. Her landlord gave her two month's ________ to quit.

A. warn
B. note
C. notice
D. allowance

10. When she was crossing the room the night-nurse happened to notice the old lady ________ to get out of bed.

A. has tried
B. to try
C. trying
D. tried

11. Can you see the woman ________ the right?

A. of
B. off
C. on
D. over

12. Would you like ________ to one of my friends about it?

A. talking
B. to talk
C. talk
D. talked

13. At the first ________ of twelve everybody stopped for lunch.

A. strike
B. stroke
C. moment
D. minute

14. Britain, for the present, is deeply mired ________ and the future looks uncertain.

A. in a such mess
B. in a lot of problems
C. in a plethora of utility
D. in economic troubles

15. There is ________ that I may have to go into hospital next week.

A. an opportunity
B. bad luck
C. a possibility
D. fate