Grammar - Level B Test 5

in Level B

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. John Kenedy was ________ of the United States.

A. the thirty-five president
B. the thirty-fifth president
C. the president thirty-fifth
D. president the thirty-five

2. Even when his reputation was in eclipse, almost everyone ________ that he had genius.

A. was willing to admit
B. denied vehemently
C. refused to acknowledge
D. swore on a stack of Bibles

3. You ________ a six-month contract when you are offered a permanent position elsewhere. What will you do?

A. have just started
B. had started
C. were starting
D. started

4. As soon as you ________ that, I'd like you to go to bed.

A. did
B. will do
C. will have done
D. have done

5. The sergeant's orders were perfectly ________.

A. executed
B. developed
C. exercised
D. applied

6. ________ terrible weather!

A. What
B. What a
C. How
D. How a

7. I wanted some coffee but there was ________ in the pot.

A. any
B. no
C. none
D. nothing

8. Who ________ the boss tell him that?

A. did hear
B. does hear
C. hears
D. heard

9. Although the terms toad and frog refer to different animals belonging to different genuses, some students ________ the two.

A. distinguish
B. confuse
C. respect
D. observe

10. How much would you ________ for repairing my watch?

A. charge
B. cost
C. pay
D. spend

11. ________ going to the party.

A. Everybody are
B. Every people is
C. Every people are
D. Everyone is

12. The cow had lost its own calf, but the farmer persuaded it to ________ one whose mother had died.

A. choose
B. adopt
C. undertake
D. collect

13. Alex didn't come to see the film last night because he ________ it before.

A. saw
B. had seen
C. has seen
D. was seen

14. When he was questioned by the police, the thief didn't ________ the truth.

A. say
B. reply
C. answer
D. tell

15. The old man asked her to move because he ________ in that chair.

A. used to sit
B. was used to sit
C. used to sitting
D. was used to sitting