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Grammar - Level B Test 3

in Level B

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. He kept ________ the same thing again and again.

A. repeat
B. to repeat
C. repeat to
D. repeating

2. I don't think he'll ever ________ the shock of his wife's death.

A. get through
B. get over
C. get by
D. get off

3. I am late because my alarm clock never ________ this morning.

A. came on
B. rang out
C. went off
D. turned on

4. I was told that ________ care could have prevented the accident. Is that true?

A. few
B. a few
C. little
D. a little

5. The students ________ their classes about eight o'clock.

A. started
B. have started
C. had started
D. startes

6. - Are you leaving? - Yes, but I wish I ________ to go.

A. didn't have
B. will not have
C. don't have
D. may not have

7. How much snow ________ now?

A. it is
B. is it
C. there is
D. is there

8. Tomorrow he will come ________ home late.

A. -
B. to
C. at
D. to the

9. I ________ bacon and eggs every morning.

A. am used to eat
B. used to eating
C. am used to eating
D. use to eat

10. The only way to get ________ in this company is to work hard and make no mistakes.

A. on
B. up
C. with
D. into

11. Mr. Walker's new ________ fitted so badly across the shoulders that he took it back to the shop to complain.

A. skirt
B. shirt
C. sheet
D. strap

12. Would you like ________ that for you?

A. me doing
B. me to do
C. me do
D. that I do

13. Since they aren't answering their telephone, they ________.

A. must have left
B. should have left
C. need have left
D. can have left

14. He's taken his medicine, ________?

A. hasn't he
B. didn't he
C. doesn't he
D. isn't he

15. When my aunt lost her cat last summer, it turned ________ a week later at a house in the next village.

A. in
B. up
C. over
D. out