Differences between British English and American English?

ImageThere are many English words which are different to American words.
For example:

  • A lorry is a truck.
  • A lift is an elevator.
  • A fortnight is two weeks.
  • A chemist is a person who works in a drugstore.
  • A dual carriageway is a divided highway.

Lisa and Sofia Efthymiou, an American mum and daughter, have listed below a few of the differences between British and American words.

We have arranged the words in categories to make viewing easier for school work.


In England, we would be embarrassed if people saw our pants. why?

 British English

 American English



 Pants / Underwear / Knickers

Underwear / panties

 Jumper / Pullover / Sweater /


Pinafore Dress






 Wellington Boots / Wellies


 Mac (slang for Macintosh)

 Rain Coat


 Gym Shoes

 Trainers / Plimsolls / Pumps




 Dressing Gown




 Pinny / Apron


 Polo Neck

 Turtle Neck

Dressing Gown

Bath Robe

 Swimming costume / Cozzy

 Bathing Suit


From: http://esl.about.com