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Grammar - Level A Test 9

in Level A

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. I have a lesson ________ Tuesday.

A. at
B. by
C. in
D. on

2. ________ went for a walk.

A. He and I
B. Him and me
C. I and he
D. I and him

3. This is my bike. This bike is ________.

A. my
B. mine
C. mine's
D. my's

4. Look! Now they ________ TV again!

A. are watching
B. watch
C. to watch
D. have watched

5. - Do you think we're all created equal? - No, not ________ all.

A. in
B. over
C. at
D. to

6. I went to Madrid and stayed ________ friends.

A. in house of
B. by
C. at
D. with

7. Mr Brown is the landlord ________ we rent the house.

A. who
B. whom
C. from who
D. from whom

8. I ________ old clothes when I'm working in the garden.

A. wear
B. carry
C. dress
D. do on

9. The oranges are ________.

A. each one ten pence
B. ten pence the piece
C. each ten pence
D. ten pence each

10. ________ size are your shoes?

A. what
B. where
C. how
D. when

11. It's ________.

A. thirty past twelve
B. half past twelve
C. thirty minutes for one
D. half one

12. She told me I would have an accident if I ________ more care.

A. am not taking
B. haven't taken
C. won't take
D. didn't take

13. Are ________ your glasses?

A. the
B. this
C. those
D. that

14. Who is that old man ________ the big nose?

A. of
B. with
C. near
D. from

15. He took ________ cheese.

A. all of
B. all
C. the all
D. all of the