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Grammar - Level A Test 8

in Level A

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. What time did she wake ________ this morning?

A. to
B. up
C. down
D. out

2. He doesn't ________ come here himself.

A. need
B. needn't
C. need to
D. needing

3. She has her own friends; she does not want ________.

A. our
B. ours
C. our's
D. ours'

4. ________ since I came back to the office?

A. Did Robinson telephone
B. Was Robinson telephoning
C. Telephoned Robinson
D. Has Robinson telephoned

5. The settlers at Jamestown lived on wild berries and roots because they had ________ to eat.

A. nothings
B. nothing
C. nothings else
D. nothing else

6. We are too late. The plane ________ off ten minutes ago.

A. took
B. has taken
C. had taken
D. was taken

7. I ________ the Prime Minister's speech very carefully.

A. heard to
B. heard
C. listened to
D. overheard.

8. I had my younger brother ________ the newspaper to me while I was abroad.

A. to send
B. sent
C. send
D. sending

9. If we ________ the plan you suggest, we are more likely to be successful.

A. decide
B. elect
C. vote
D. adopt

10. It's seven ________ nine.

A. to
B. minutes to
C. for
D. of

11. "________ 'Good morning' to your new teacher, please."

A. Say
B. Tell
C. Speak
D. Talk

12. He ________ book the tickets, but he had no time to call at the cinema.

A. would
B. might
C. could
D. was going to

13. Do you like Greek food? Yes, ________.

A. it's very well.
B. I like
C. is good
D. I do

14. This luggage is quite similar to ________.

A. that one
B. those
C. in additional
D. that

15. If Muriel had come, she would have won. = ________

A. If she hadn't won, she'd have come.
B. Muriel didn't win because she didn't come.
C. When Muriel came she always won.
D. She didn't come, but she won anyway.