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Grammar - Level A Test 7

in Level A

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Who are all ________ people?

A. this
B. those
C. them
D. that

2. - Which city did you like most? - I enjoyed all of the cities on the tour, but the city ________ I enjoyed most was Miami, Florida.

A. what
B. that
C. where
D. there

3. Whose coat is this? It's not ________.

A. mine
B. a my coat
C. of me
D. my

4. He is sitting at his ________.

A. chair
B. desk
C. office
D. room

5. I live about twenty km ________ here.

A. away of
B. away from
C. away for
D. near

6. What ________?

A. does "mix" mean
B. means "mix"
C. it means "mix"
D. is the meaning from "mix"

7. We know him and he knows ________.

A. we
B. their
C. us
D. he

8. Can you ________ it for me?

A. to do
B. did
C. done
D. do

9. Do you believe ________ ghosts?

A. at
B. in
C. to
D. of

10. Is that John's wife? No. John ________ married.

A. he isn't
B. doesn't get
C. isn't
D. isn't be

11. He has been studying in the library every night ________ the last three months.

A. since
B. until
C. before
D. for

12. They never do ________ homework on time.

A. there
B. they're
C. their
D. they

13. I spoke slowly, but he ________ understand me.

A. canned not
B. didn't can
C. didn't could
D. could not

14. Yesterday we did nothing but ________.

A. talking
B. talked
C. talk
D. had talked

15. We live in the ________ on the corner.

A. brick house old large
B. large old brick house
C. old brick large house
D. brick large old house