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Grammar - Level A Test 4

in Level A

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. Why don't you go to John? He ________ the answer.

A. may know
B. may knew
C. may have known
D. ought know

2. Will you let me ________ a photograph of you?

A. make
B. take
C. do
D. pull

3. Since the beginning of the storm several trees ________ down.

A. fell
B. felt
C. have fallen
D. have felt

4. I ________ to go now.

A. am got
B. had got
C. got
D. have got

5. ________ fruit is very dear.

A. these
B. this
C. those
D. there

6. What ________?

A. do you write
B. you write
C. you're writing
D. are you writing

7. ________ Bert got a rope?

A. Have
B. Can
C. His
D. Has

8. Bill and ________ sisters live in London.

A. her
B. his
C. their
D. he's

9. He ________ you now, but he won't believe you tomorrow.

A. believe
B. believes
C. is believing
D. has believed

10. ________ you speak English or Spanish?

A. does
B. have
C. has
D. do

6. What ________?

11. I don't want ________ to eat.

A. nothing more
B. some more
C. anything more
D. no more

12. There's ________ milk in the fridge.

A. any
B. some
C. a
D. a lot

13. - Sandra is a miserable person. - Of course she is. She's jealous ________ everyone.

A. about
B. with
C. to
D. of

14. If he doesn't ________ his ways, he'll end up in trouble.

A. mend
B. repair
C. correct
D. restore

15. My sister doesn't like to go swimming, but she wishes she ________.

A. likes
B. did
C. will like
D. goes