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Grammar - Level A Test 3

in Level A

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. How much time do you ________ your homework?

A. make at
B. bring to
C. give for
D. spend on

2. - Did you get any mail? - No, I haven't gotten a letter ________ .

A. a long time before
B. since a long time
C. for a long time
D. a long time

3. Those workers are skillful, so they have ________ difficulty in their work.

A. few
B. less
C. at all
D. fewer

4. When he got home, he ________ the radio.

A. turned on
B. was turning on
C. had turned on
D. had been turning on

5. Most students ________ hard for the last few weeks.

A. were working
B. worked
C. have been working
D. are working

6. I speak French ________ Jenny.

A. more well that
B. better than
C. more good than
D. better as

7. Mirana remembered to phone the doctor. = ________

A. She remembered phoning the doctor.
B. Mirana forgot to remember to phone.
C. She didn't forget to phone the doctor.
D. She remembered that she phoned her.

8. You can stay here ________ you don't make a loud noise.

A. otherwise
B. until
C. unless
D. so long as

9. Where ________ my pen?

A. is
B. it
C. it's
D. is it

10. Where were you ________ the weekend?

A. in
B. at
C. -
D. by

11. John gradually became ________ in the discussion.

A. absorb
B. absorbed
C. to absorb
D. absorbing

12. My house is opposite ________ the park.

A. from
B. of
C. -
D. to

13. - Is John in? - No, he ________.

A. still works
B. works yet
C. is still at work
D. is yet at work

14. One third of the oranges ________ spoilt.

A. is
B. are
C. has been
D. have been

15. I drink ________ coffee than you.

A. little
B. few
C. less
D. fewer