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Grammar - Level A Test 2

in Level A

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. It's ________ . Give it to them.

A. theirs
B. their's
C. there's
D. them's

2. ________ a blackboard in the classroom?

A. Is
B. Is it
C. Is there
D. Are there

3. What's ________ the radio this morning?

A. about
B. at
C. on
D. with

4. Some people ________ eat meat.

A. do never
B. ever
C. don't ever
D. never

5. Which cinema ________?

A. do you want to go to
B. do you want to go to it
C. you want to go to
D. do you want to go

6. He was ________ of all his money.

A. stolen
B. robbed
C. removed
D. taken

7. - A: Have you got a lighter? - B: ________.

A. Yes, I have
B. Yes, I have got
C. That's all right
D. Yes, I has

8. ________ you fond of jazz?

A. is
B. am
C. have
D. are

9. The animals were afraid, but their keeper soon got them ________ control.

A. over
B. without
C. under
D. out of

10. Kate and Jenny have a brother. ________ Bill.

A. Their name is
B. His name
C. Her name is
D. His name is

11. There are three men ________ waiting outside.

A. who
B. they
C. which
D. -

12. He will not be ________ to vote in this year's election.

A. old enough
B. as old enough
C. enough old
D. enough old as

13. You can ________ my surprise when I heard the news.

A. suppose
B. think
C. see
D. imagine

14. The reason ________ he's late is that he had an accident.

A. which
B. in which
C. that
D. why

15. - There are two Olympic medalists entered in the competition. - How could Mike ever hope ________ ?

A. winning
B. in winning
C. to win
D. that he win