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Possible Dangers Associated With Becoming a Millionaire Overnight

The following activity basically takes an old idea and exploits it from a different angle.

Level: Intermediate to advanced
Age: Adult

Activity A

I split up the students into pairs and got them talking about millionaires or being millionaires.

Activity B

I then got them to offer comments on the main title above, and here is what I got: (Do not show these to your pupils until they have made an effort)

  • Avoiding friction with partner
  • Leaving work
  • Having too much free time
  • Becoming arrogant
  • Losing old friends
  • Worrying more about what to do with the new-found wealth
  • Being unaccustomed to luxuries
  • Making foolish investments
  • Being taken in by financial advisers
  • Handling media interest
  • Going to too many parties
  • Having nothing to fight for
  • Becoming more attractive to the opposite sex

Activity C

The idea now, apart from debating any interesting comments ensuing from above, is to look for more new angles on old topics.

Some suggestions:

  • Positive aspects of a rainy day.
  • Negative aspects of a night out on the town.
  • Positive aspects of school.
  • Negative aspects of being a vegetarian.
  • Positive aspects of watching TV.
  • Negative aspects of doing sport.
  • Positive aspects of being poor.
  • Positive aspects of being in jail. (!)
  • Negative aspects of being very beautiful.
  • Etc.

Very often, what starts out as a brainstorming exercise can turn into a full-blown conversation.