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My Classmates

How well do you know really know your classmates? Find someone who fits each sentence and let that person sign his or her name in the space. Ask questions in English.

1. ___________________________ has a telephone number that ends with 5.

2. ___________________________ lives more than two hours from school.

3. ___________________________ plans to go to New York this summer.

4. ___________________________ went skiing during winter vacation.

5. ___________________________ rides a motorcycle to school.

6. ___________________________ will go to a movie on Saturday.

7. ___________________________ has two younger brothers.

8. ___________________________ rides a bicycle to school.

9. ___________________________ `s favorite color is blue.

10. __________________________ likes to play volleyball.

11. __________________________ has a birthday in June.

12. __________________________ eats bread every day.

13. __________________________ has a dog for a pet.

14. __________________________ likes to read books.

15. __________________________ can play the guitar.

16. __________________________ does not like cake.

17. __________________________ plays baseball.

18. __________________________ enjoys swimming.

Reprinted with permission from DOING THINGS

Copyright (c) 1983 by Charles I. Kelly & Lawrence E. Kelly

To the Teacher: Add you own sentences and/or delete the sentences which do not fit your teaching situation.