Is modern technology creating a single world culture?

Some people believe that modern technology is creating a single world culture. In my opinion, I disagree this statement. With the modern technology, we have more chance to feel different cultures, we have more ways to understand different cultures, and we can record and preserve culture information more easily and more efficiently.  

First of all, the best way to love a different culture is to feel this culture by ourselves. With the help of the modern transportation, we can get different places more convenient. Ancient Egypt will never be forgotten because thousands people are arriving Egypt through airplanes everyday to visit Pyramid. This situation could not be imaged one hundred years ago. For people from North America, just to spend one week, we can take photo at the foot of the Great Wall, enjoy the delicious Chinese food, and experience the Chinese culture. If more and more people have experienced others` cultures, no culture will disappear.  

There is not only way to understand other cultures. Modern technology has helped us to communicate with more people from different culture backgrounds easily. Just click our mouse and keyboard several times, we can chat with people who we do not know, and make friends through Internet. With the video telephone, just sitting home, we are able to communicate people. Communication is essential for us to avoid prejudice and bias between different cultures, and live together peacefully. The last but not the least, for some ancient cultures and minority cultures, it is not hard for us to discover or record information about those cultures. The development of archaeology depends on the technology. Meantime, some small culture which is going to die out can be recorded through modern technology. There are just several of most important reasons why I disagree with this statement. In a word, Modern technology is not creating a single culture, but creating a multicultural society in our planet.