Who would you choose to build a statue for?

If I were asked to build a statue of monument to honor a famous person in my country, I would definitely choose Mr. Andy Lau, who is not only a world prominent Chinese singer but also a successful businessman, without any hesitation. Among countless factors for my propensity, there are three aspects as follows.  

The main reason for my view is that Mr. Andy Lau is an excellent singer and a typical ideal admired by a lot of people in China. As a world prominent singer, Mr. Andy Lau has had more than twenty years experience of singing. His appealing and inspiring songs are enjoyed by almost everyone in China and his fans always maintain that Mr. Andy Lau`s songs are the best entertainments. Furthermore, Mr. Andy Lau has won countless awards in various singing competitions, both locally and internationally. The 80`s and 90`s decades in China was remarked as the ˜ndy`s Age? There is no denying that we should build a monument for Mr. Andy Lau.  

The second reason for my view is that Mr. Andy Lau has made significant contribution to our society. For one thing, he donated large amount of money, approximately a million dollar, to the cancer association of Hong Kong. His generous donation was really helpful for hospitals and medical research centers to find out new ways of curing cancers, which could be highly beneficial to a lot of people. Besides, Mr. Andy Lau has adopted several children who lived in poverty and did not have enough money to continue their education. With Mr. Liu`s help, all of those children have graduated from universities and obtained fairly good jobs.  

Last but not least, Mr. Andy Lau is an outstanding businessman, who owns a famous entertaining company with property of more than twenty million Hong Kong dollars. Although his company had only lasted several years, he played a vital role in developing Chinese entertaining industry. In a word, taking into account of all these factors presented above, I am convinced that Mr. Andy Lau is a really successful person, who deserves a statue or monument in my country.