Teamwork vs. working independently

If someone asks me whether I like to work independently or work with a group of people in a team, without any doubt I will choose the second case. Working in a team gives you more chances of getting new ideas and experience from others, it also helps you in hard situations and you can share your job and your opinion with other people in the group.  

First, without talking and discussing daily work with other members, you cannot find the good ideas; it means that you cannot find the best solution for your project. Different people have different ways of thinking, thus, working with different members in the group you can get different way to solve a problem that you face to. From that, with discussion, you can follow the right way in order to reach your goal more easily than in the case that you work alone.  

Second, if you work alone. When you get stuck in a hard problem, you might pay so much time to think alone but you still could not find how to solve the problem yourself. In that case, if you work in a team, other co-worker will help you to solve this problem very easily because each person have each own strong point. Your experience can never be enough to overcome everything that you have in your working time.  

Finally, what you could do in the case you receive a big project with very high profit. In this case, you could not do it alone; you have to share your job with other people. Otherwise, you will lose that project and may be fail in you business. I take myself as an example. Last month, my company got a very huge project from customer. But the customer asked us to finish it in the very short time. At that time, I, in the position of project manager, made a wise decision that I hired some more high technical engineers. Even we had to pay them high salary, but in turn, we completed this project on time and got much money for our company.  

Base on all issues that I mentioned above, it is very important for one person to be able to work in a group of people in a team. It reduces high pressure in heavy jobs, gives you more ideas in working and helps you overcome in difficult time.