Should boys and girls go to separate schools?

We live in the same society where whether boys or girls, men or women are attracted by each other for their differences and can get spiritual satisfaction through communications, it is natural demand.  

To let boys and girls attend separate schools obeys the nature itself. Some people may consider that it can let them concentrate on their study and thus benefit for them. This kind of thought comes from juvenile problems, that is either girls or boys cannot deal with their relations in good ways during their teen ages and eventually lead to bad results. In order to avoid these problems, they think they should do like this to apart them from each other, but what is the consequence? Everyone knows it is not a good way to resolve the case because it violates natural rules. Then what is the best way comply with the human natural demand? To let students know what they want to know and teach them correct ways to handle matters and help them come through together, it is active to face problems. When problems come, we should face courageously not hide.  

We separate boys and girls by different schools, why we do not separate men and women, now that sooner or later they will work or live together, why not let them learn how to contact with each other early? Either boys or girls have their own characteristics; it is fun to find something different and can learn from others. In summary, in accordance with natural rules and to find more fun in our daily life can make people especially boys and girls more flourishing and more vigorous.