Should children start learning a foreign language early?

The academic structure of a higher education institution may vary it is content due to several external or internal factors.   In one hand, diversity clears up prejudices and gets a better glance of problems, in the other hand specificity aims to profound knowledge, there are many courses that require either one of those methods, but for true you could not compete against such methods not knowing which are your goals in those courses.  

Some Universities have a more cultural or humanitarian profile, so by including many different subjects they provide a better glance of what the major will tend to or what are the real facts to take in count when studying a specific assignment.  

The academic subjects have a strict relationship on what kind of vision the institutions will provide to their alumni, a wide variety of subjects or a narrow one will directly impact on the product send to the professional market and even the way that members of that academic community conduct their selves.  

It`s a known fact that the university you attend will set the steps of what kind of job you will develop, for example, many people think that Harvard is the best institution for a lawyer, but the academic structure of NYU, Georgetown or the University of Florida takes advantage in terms of private tax practice.  

The qualification of which method is superior, must be made before attending such institutions, for example, if I am looking for a global view and not to be saturated with, lets say economics, I would rather study in a more plural university rather than one that only focuses on math and economics.  

The above mentioned can also be shown when a student takes an LLM or a JD, depending the professional orientation and needs, the variety or specialized courses would be suitable for one scenario or the other.