Has computer made life easier?

Some people believe that computers provide easier and more convenient lives for them. In their opinion, computers help them surf Internet and share information. They may communicate directly by E. mail. But others hold that computers have made life more complex and stressful and they point out that computers bring many bad effects to human beings, such as information security problem because of hacking attack and environmental pollution because of irradiation. As far as I concerned, I prefer the first opinion rather than the second view.  

My opinion comes from following three aspects. First of all, computer made life more efficient than before. For example, people might access websites, gain a lot of valuable information and contact each other around the world. Secondly, computer made life more relax and easier. Computers provide variety kinds of games and people could enjoy and relax from them everyday. Finally, compute help people solve many complicated problem by software, such as investment and finance. Therefore, people`s life becomes more simple and convenient.  

However, just as what other people say that computers give us some negative effects in the meantime. For example, Irradiation does harm for our bodies and eyes, so we cannot make people seat too long in front of computers. Hacking is a really trouble, and we are supposed to enhance computer control and technology.  

In general, computers give people an easier and convenient life. Although there exists some bad effects of computers as mentioned above. We are supposed to do our best to solve the problems and pay more attention on their good effects. I believe that our society will benefit more from them in the future.