Does grades encourage students to learn?

Nowadays, what the students talk about most is grades. It seems that grades has become the purpose of studying. In my opinion, grades force students to learn, but not encourage them.  

There is a popular saying among the students that ˜arks are the root of the students? that shows the importance of marks. As knowledge is taking a more important part in our society, we students are all trying to get better education because we know that the more knowledge we get today, the better we can prepare for the future. We are all willing to go to a famous university, as it is easier for a graduated student from a famous university to find a good job. Since marks are closely related to bright future, we can easily understand why students are crazy about their marks.  

I do not deny that marks make students to study hard, but that is a kind of enforcement but not encouragement. Students study just because of the stress of future living conditions. That is a horrible thing, isn`t it? Study, which should have been a kind of happiness, has now become a way to survive, that`s too heavy for this word and may have caused some tragedies.  

We read in the newspaper continually that some students killed themselves just because they did not do well in the test. They may have a bright future, but they died so early just because of the low marks. Maybe they are not strong enough, but there is no reason to let them die! The grades become a heavy stress for the students, which do not encourage them, but discourage them, disappoint them and finally lead to their death.  

We can also see some classmates around us who do not compete in the right way. In order to get better marks than others, some students damaged or hide other students` book, some even cheat in the exam. Such kind of thing makes a very bad influence on those students` further lives. They might do the same thing when they had grown up and that would obviously cause more serious consequences. Students should not study for marks, but for themselves. Study means more than just getting good grades. Study stands for many, many things, such as the happiness of absorbing the knowledge, the satisfaction of mastering the knowledge. Those things are for the students to dig by themselves, but grades take up the time of that.  

Grades are not everything for students. It has not encouraged the students to learn, but led them into the wrong way. Grades have become an obstacle of the development of the students` study.