A high-paying job vs. quality time with family and friends

Which value is more important in our life? It is really a difficult problem. Some people seem to give up anything to make money as much as possible; others tend to devote large parts of their life on their family. Actually, these two choices are all valuable from different angles. In my own opinion, I prefer a high-paying job with long hours that would give you little time with family and friends.  

First, making enough money can bring to happiness to our family. For example, my father is a doctor. He can get high pay but is very busy. However, because of his job, my sister and I can get best education and we usually go abroad to increase our knowledge. I do not need to spend much time looking for part time job to pay my tuition, and concentrate my whole mind on studying. Although my father do not have a lot of time to accompany me, he gives me a wonderful life.  

Moreover, it is more important to have good quality relationship with friends. It is wrong impression that good friends must meet everyday. For my experience, my good friend-Grace and I meet average one time a week. We are all busy on the weekday and cannot contact frequently, but we can use the money we make hard to enjoy our life. We often travel, go to concert, and admire arts together, these activities help us leave good experiences between Grace and I.  

Last but not least, high-paying job not only can improve the quality of our life, but let us have much accomplishment. My uncle is a negative example, he try his best but always can get low-paying job. The failure makes him lose the confidence and often loses temper with his family and friends. Consequently, although he almost stays at home everyday, he doesn`t let his family and friends happy.  

Of course, it is very hard to balance the importance between money and time. Nevertheless, for the valid reasons I have presented above, I think the statement I support is better.