Has automobiles improved modern life or caused problems?

Some people think that automobile has improved modern life, but in my opinion, it has caused serious problems and even destroys our lives.  

There are huge quantities of automobile of all styles driving on the road, giving off harmful gas like carbon dioxide, which make our climate warmer and warmer. While you are complaining about the hotter and hotter summer, you must hate automobile very much. Automobile not only causes air pollution, but also noise pollution. Have you once lying on the bed but can hardly go to sleep because of the noise made by the automobile on the street down your building? The scientific research found out that noise do a lot of harm to people, people may feel fidgety, dizzy or even want to vomit. That might explain the terrible feeling when you are walking on a street filled with automobiles.  

Another problem that automobile makes is that more and more cars have made it harder for our transportation to afford. Everyday we see traffic jams here and there. Drivers are all very anxious, but they could do nothing except ringing the trumpet. If you have an emergency, you can just sigh while facing the endless line of automobiles.  

It is true that sometimes automobiles make it less time and more convenient to get to another place, but if you are using an automobile for all the time, you may get a poor health. One who drives a car can rarely get any physical exercises, as he uses the car instead of his feet. Sitting in the front seat and driving is a comfortable thing but that leads to a poor health. Health is the most important thing in the world. I think giving up automobile is better than doing some extra physical exercises, is not it?  

Automobile also causes more traffic accidents. There are so many people killed in the traffic accidents each year. Some of them are even children. They have not enjoyed their lives before they fall victim to the accident caused by automobiles. Traffic accidents cause too many tragedies, too many people lose their lives because of it and even more people live in sadness because of their deaths. That is such a heavy problem, but we must face it and solve it.  

The solution of all the problems listed upon is to control the number of automobile. The increasing number of automobiles is causing more and more problems. The number of automobile must be controlled. If not, what will the world be like in the future?