What subject will you study giving a chance?

What it comes to the subject that I would like to study, I immediately came up with physics. The reason why I am interested in physics goes as follows.  

First of all, it seems to be wonderful that I can see the world with knowledge of physics. This is because I remembered that a physicist who is a friend of mine said that he could always observe every object in the world in terms of molecules, which are very tiny objects composed of every substance. To illustrate, if one shakes a other person`s hand and feel warm, a physicist would explain following. The movement of molecules on a surface of the skin increases. Therefore, Too see the world in very small scale is highly likely to make me exited.  

Another reason is the mystery of quantum mechanics, which is the way to explain the mechanics of small worlds. In quantum world, existence of each substance is illustrated by only any probability. For example, one can never understands both position and velocity at same time but only probability. Now, I do not understand it at all; I would like to try the real mean of this mechanism.  

A final factor is the complex systems, which is a kind of study crossing different kinds of fields, such as biophysics that are made of biology and physics. Among them, I would like to econophysics, which is a new field of economy and physics. In fact, I have already studied economy at a Japanese university, and I expect econophysics to solve the complex of stock markets to a great deal.  

For the above reasons, I choose physics as a subject that I have never studied and have desire to study. There is much probability that physics make me have broad eyes to the world.