Is daily homework necessary?

As for students, they study in schools in the day time. When they go back home, one task for them to do is homework assigned by teachers. For a long time, a question has been discussed: whether daily homework is necessary for students. In my opinion, daily homework has its advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages always overweigh the disadvantages.  

One striking advantage I want to mention is that, daily homework can be helpful to students to go over what they have learned at school. If they didn`t do reviewing, the knowledge they have learned might be forgotten gradually. For some students of good memory, they can still remember what they learned without doing homework, whereas, they cannot apply what they learned to some practical questions because of superficial understanding. So homework is still necessary for them. Through the process of doing homework, students can have a better understanding towards what they have learned.  

There is another advantage, that is, homework can help students organize their spare time regularly. After finishing homework, they can do some extra readings or outdoor activity. Gradually, students can strike a balance between study and playing. If there were no homework, given to the young age, some students may have less self-control, and they would prefer to play with others all the time! So that is why homework is necessary for them.  

But there are also some disadvantages. Nowadays, some teachers assign too much homework to students, making homework occupy all their spare time. Being afraid of punishment they would suffer if they do not finish their homework, some of them may do it carelessly or even copy others`. What is worse, if homework is not properly assigned, it can make students get tired of study.  

In a word, I want to claim again, homework is certainly necessary for students, but excessive homework can do no good to them. Teachers should assign homework properly in order to let students become interested in study and enjoy their study!