Inexperienced, cheap workers vs. experienced, expensive workers

Some employers prefer to hire people who have work experiences and pay them higher salaries. They may think that if they want to make a success in business, they have to do so. If I were an employer, however, I would rather hire the inexperienced employees and paid them relatively lower salaries. I do not care about whether experiences an employee has or not, I really care about the cost. Besides, it needs not only experiences to do a job well and experienced workers may not definitely be suitable to certain job position.

Hiring an experienced employee to do a job that he has experienced means that he can easily make the job done or do it efficiently. But here is the problem. I am a poor boss. As a young man, I have not earned much money myself. The experienced worker always asks too high salary to afford at my present financial condition. If I managed to pay employees higher salaries, it would probably push me to close my business eventually. So, I need to hire the inexperienced workers with lower salaries to cut down the cost of my business.  

To run business well, I have to consider a lot of other factors of an employee, not only the employee`s experience. Is the employee loyal to me? Could he probably cheat me in business operation? I really concern with these questions. If he chose to be not loyal to me or chose to cheat me at work, the experiences he has would be useless for my business. Considering of this, I would rather hire a worker who is inexperienced but loyal to me and trustworthy.  

An employee who has a lot of experiences does not always mean that he is just suitable to an assigned job. Someone who has experiences does not mean that he has experienced just this present job. His experiences are simply related with his former jobs. Everything can be changed over time and the needs for the same job can be changed, too. So, if I hired an experienced worker, perhaps I would still have to train him for just the present job again. Thus, if I have to train an experienced employee and pay him higher salary, why not train an inexperienced employee and pay him lower salary, now that I have to train any employee anyway? The cost of training is just the same, but the salaries I have to pay later are different: the former is higher; the latter, lower. Anyone who has normal sense will definitely choose the latter: the inexperienced but cheaper employee. 

In short, taking the cost, the suitability and the loyalty and honesty of employees into consideration, if I were an employer, I would definitely hire the inexperienced employees and pay them lower salaries.