Are classmates a more important influence to a child than parents?

Although students stay with their classmates all time in school, parents are a more important influence on a child`s success. I disagree with the statement that classmates are a more important influence on a child`s success in school, because of the reasons as follows. 

First of all, parents are the people who understand their own children best. They know the children`s good sides and bad habits. They can correct the children`s bad idea and make them give rid of the bad habits. So children can found a good base to get success in school. But classmates cannot do this work. 

The other reason is that parents have experiences on a lot of matters. If children have problems, parents can give them their experiences to help them solve problems. If parents have no similar experiences, they still can give their children some advice and make them avoid the wrong directions. Classmates can also give children some help, but they do not have more experiences than parents. So their influence is less than that of parents. 

Parents also have other important influence on their children`s success in school. Parents may analyze something in different ways and have different opinions from children. Classmates also can have different opinions on one thing, but they are at the same conditions with each other, their opinions may be similar or narrow. Children can learn more comprehensive knowledge about on thing from their parents. 

So, based on the above discussion, I think it is clear that parents are a more important influence than classmates on a child`s success in school.