Should a city perserve its historic buildings or replace them with modern ones?

Every culture has its special features. Buildings, as symbol of architectural heritage, are an important part of the history of any country or city. Moreover, they could help us find the answers of many questions about the historical development of our society. Therefore, I truly believe that every city-administration should try to preserve the old, historic buildings.  

All over the world many buildings are preserved in their authentic appearances. Furthermore, many of them have unique constructions and are really beautiful and impressive. In my opinion, the destruction of such remarkable pieces of architecture and their replacement with modern buildings can be called ‘barbarity`. Nevertheless, a lot of old buildings belonging to the historical heritage of the world are protected by UNESCO.  

It is a fact that cities, which have their old, historic buildings, are favorite places for holiday and tourism. The reason is that these cities keep their special atmosphere and could offer us a magnificent journey through their cultural and architectural history.  

The only reasonable argument to destroy some historic buildings and replace them with modern ones, is when there is a risk of self-destruction, which could endanger human lives.  

In conclusion I would say that preserving old, historic buildings could be considered as a sign of our respect and regard to the previous generations. I am aware that it is an expensive initiative. But who can evaluate the worth the historic buildings have, for those who will come after us. And I would dare to ask ` who gives us the right to destroy what the centuries have kept for us? And I would answer `Nobody`!