Never, never give up

Most people like to encourage others with the words “Never, never give up”, if their friends, family members or relatives encountered failure. But I do not think it is always right to persuade or encourage others in this way.  

Almost every body will encounter failure on their pursuit of life objectives or high goals. They failed, because they might not have worked very hard or their objectives do not fit the reality or their abilities are beyond such a high goals. The encouragement with the words “Never, never give” might be appropriate for the first situation. But for the second situation, it may mislead the loser. It means we will encourage them to stick to the wrong things with obstinacy for ever. So it might be wise if we help the losers to review their goals and assess their capacities to achieve the set goals. If it is impossible for them to succeed, “Give up” is the most wise encouragement words for them.  

Furthermore it is not foreseeable for a person`s ability and potential to achieve a set goal. Their ability and potential for certain goal vary as the accumulation of their experience and knowledge. The surrounding is changing all the time as well. They might set a certain goal based on the current surrounding situation or their actual personal skill. But any changes will cause them impossible to reach the final point and succeed. So what they should do is not to stick on it anymore, instead they should give up and look for a new starting point.  

We all expect our friends to have a good future and live better, but it is silly idea if we encourage them “Never, never give up” anything. Sometimes “Give up” might be a starting point for another success.